Pasta Emilia opened its doors in 2005 in Bronte when it was still the beating heart of artisanal start-ups: 
our contribution to Sydney's food sophistication project was a very traditional and organic ‘Laboratorio di Pasta' (Pasta Lab).

Starting out in a little shop front, selling at local farmers’ markets and just a few fine food retailers. These early days were filled with sharing and learning, successes and failures but ultimately thoroughly enjoyed along with the Bronte community.

In 2012 it was time for a new home on Riley Street in Surry Hills. The new space enabled Anna to add the dining room she had always wanted to and the opportunity for regular cooking classes.

For the people who work here Anna continues to make a home away from home. For our customers it creates a unique space to experience a truly Emilian atmosphere and enjoy our love for food, people, places and stories.

At the table traditional recipes meet the finest seasonal, certified organic, biodynamic and ethical ingredients.
Anna Maria works closely with local farms to choose ingredients for her kitchen.
Our wines are exclusively natural, biodynamic and organic and hail from small vineyards in the local hills of Emilia Romagna
or similarly unique Australian wines.

Please continue your investigation of Pasta Emilia above:
OSTERIA is our traditional dining room, CASA EMILIA is our cooking school and CANTINA is our retail and wholesale store where Anna shares our range of Pasta Emilia products and also throws open her larder of selected essential Italian ingredients. 


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