Italian Gathering

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Pasta Emilia Cantina_by_Luisa Brimble-183.jpg

Italian Gathering


The Italian Gathering is the traditional celebration of family, friends and colleagues. It always ends up round a table but its so much more. Join us to learn the true culinary joy of making and creating for those most close to you. Whether its a family celebration or big moment with friends or colleagues there is always the right selection of recipes prepared in just the right way to suit the occasion.

At the end of the class you will enjoy a full menu featuring:

  • Four courses you will have prepared in the class

  • A complementary glass of our organic wine.

Starting time: 10.30 am

Cost includes class, recipe card, lunch or dinner, glass of wine.
What to bring: Apron

 Minimum 6 participants for class required

 Find out more by calling (02) 9212 1069
or email

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