"Blood mushrooms"... Autumn is definitely here!

Anna just got back from Terra Preta, her favourite truffle farm outside of the beautiful historic township of Braidwood. She was there for a bit of a preview to the season, visiting her dear friends Kate and Peter Marshal. This lovely couple owns and runs the farm, growing high grade French Black Truffles (Tuber melanosporum). You can find Terra Preta products at Canberra Region Farmers Markets: 7:30 till 11:30 every Saturday, from June 18th till the end of August.

While looking for the first wild mushrooms, Peter wanted to point out what not to pick up if you ever venture out: Amanita muscaria. This beautiful red and white mushroom, which seems to come out from a fairy tale, is quite dangerous: it doesn’t always kill you, but at the very least make you very ill with the possibility of not so nice hallucinations.

For truffles is a bit too early, even though the trees already beautifully coloured with warm autumnal tones. Luckily, “blood mushrooms” (pine mushrooms) were everywhere and Kate and Peter kindly offered Anna some baskets full of them – we’ve got so many!!

If you feel like tasting them, our chefs can’t wait to spoil you with their daily Emilian specials… hurry up, or someone else will “pick” them before you!

Thank you again Kate and Peter, time there was great and our customers are already enjoying your mushrooms. Looking forward to coming back for truffle season!